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I had severe pain in my back and hip and numbness into my right leg, so serious I was having trouble sleeping. Whenever I have problems in my muscular/skeletal system I know to visit my chiropractor to have the problem addressed directly at the cause, with skill,knowledge and expertise. I began to improve after the first session.

Kristin   9/2/2009

Since starting chiropractic care at Highland Chiropractic with Dr Ian and Dr Arlene I have more energy, less headaches and huge reduction in lower back pain. I have been able to work out and sleep better then ever soon after I started care. I have felt better mentally and physically and all the staff are kind and very welcoming! I recommend chiropractic care and their office to everyone.

Elizabeth C.  3/2/2009

I had been experiencing chronic back pain, which didn't go away. My concentration was adversely affected. Since starting care my back pain is mostly gone. I feel more comfortable walking, running, sitting in chairs and bending over. Also since my pain was worse at night I am sleeping better as well. Overall I am quite satisfied with my experience at HCFC.

Christopher B   11/12/2009

I started treatment due to morning neck stiffness and headaches. When I started receiving my adjustments I discovered instant relief apon receiving treatment, no heacahes in the past month, no aches in my back or neck any longer, more flexibility and I am able to bend and tie my shoes without pain. Much more enrgiy these days.

Alvin R.  (57 yrs old)  1/15/2010

I have been so fortunate to be a patient in your practice. Not only are you two superb doctors, you are wonderful people. The way you take the time to treat and share your knowledge with others on such a personal level is a unique gift to all of us who come to you. With immeasurable gratitude.

Lisa V.   2/15/2010

Because of chiropractic care, I have had an amazing transformation.  More mobility and strength...I went from having major back spasms to up and running beutifully.  I'm able to do more physically- walking, swimming and my job (which is very demanding) has improved.  Just being able to do what I've done in the past is a MIRACLE!  Words can not express my gratitude for Dr. Ian's and Dr. Arlene's expert care.  From the first time I came into the office, I knew I was in loving hands.  The staff is exceptional...I am so appreciative of how caring and professional everyone is.

Louisa F. 7/27/2011

My health has changed tremendously since starting chiropractic care.  When I first walked in the door of Highland Chiropractic, I was unable to walk upright and was in noticable pain.  In only two visits I was walking upright and almost pain-free.  I was taking 800mg of Ibuprofen to take the edge off of the pain, but since my second visit, it was no longer needed and most pain could be alleviated by stretches instead of meds.  Chiropractic care is definitely a more direct and accurate approach to spinal care.  If you want relief, chiropractic care is the way to go.   What a great, friendly, relaxing atmosphere.  The customer service is STELLAR, and I enjoy seeing everyone in the office at Highland Chiropractic Family Care.

Michelle W. 9/20/2011

A friend recommended this office to me.  I used to get severe headaches that would last about 7 days as a result of an accident I was in 7 years ago.  I was miserable and so was my family.  The first time I laid down on a chiropractic table it was on the 7th day of a severe headache.  I got up off the table two minutes later with NO headache and NO neck pain!  Going to a chiropractor after putting up with severe headaches for 7 years, the chiropractor was like a miracle worker.

Anne A. 8/9/2012